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Here at Scotti Cline Designs we offer two different methods of printing to help accommodate every bride's budget - flat and letterpress printing. 


Flat Printing

Flat printing or digital printing is our most commonly used form of printing. The process is similar to how you print on your home desktop printer but we use high end printers for a well saturated and beautiful finish. Flat printing is our most cost effective printing method and requires less production time than letterpress printing. If there's a letterpress design you've fallen in love with, we can also use flat printing to print the design.


Flat Printing Examples

Letterpress Printing

Letterpress printing is one of the oldest printing methods in existence. Johannes Gutenberg is credited for inventing this method in 1450 and it has received a resurgence in use lately in the wedding invitation world because of the beautiful impression it creates on paper. Originally it was considered bad letterpress form for the plate to create an actual impression on the paper but today that is actually the desired effect and has evolved into a true art by letterpress printers. 


In order to print your invitation by letterpress, a photopolymer plate is created with your design (similar to a rubber stamp but harder and more durable). Ink is then laid across that plate by the letterpress machine and the plate is pressed into the paper with enough force that the design is actually pressed deeper than the rest of the paper. Only one color and one sheet of paper at time can be used with each press of the letterpress machine. Because of this unique and time consuming printing method, letterpress printing is more expensive than flat printing and requires more production time. 


Letterpress Examples

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