Currently CLOSED for printed orders but our digital shop is open. See details.

Currently CLOSED for printed orders but our digital shop is open. See details.

Envelope Printing

This listing is an option to add envelope address printing to your order. This is the perfect solution when you don't have time to address your envelopes yourself or just want your entire design to be cohesive and unique. At this time, this service is only available as an add-on for Scotti Cline Designs clients also using other services and NOT for sale individually. Checking out with just envelopes in your cart is disabled - if you are a current client already booked with us for save the dates or invitations, we canemail you an invoice to add envelope printing to your order!

The pictures shown are examples, your envelopes can be printed in any of our fonts and colors. However, we do not advise envelope printing in light colors as they may not get through the postal system well.

We now offer white ink printing on dark envelopes also! Not all envelope colors can be white ink printed. We will work with you to find the best envelope color and print method for your needs if you are unsure about what to do.

Before you place your order:

Please make sure you have the right quantity for your envelope printing needs. All of our save the date and invitation orders include 10 extra envelopes so if you are ordering 150 save the dates, your orderincludes160 total envelopes. The number of individual addresses you need printed should be less than the total number ofcards you're ordering (otherwise you will have no extra cards to account for keepsakes, lost mail, and returned but too damaged to resend cards).For individual and return addressing printing, we include just return address printing on up to 25 extra envelopes. For example, if you have 135 households for individual and return address printing and you ordered 150 save the dates (which includes 160 envelopes), we include complimentary return address printing on the 25 leftover envelopes for your order. If you have more than 25 extra envelopes that you would like return address printing for, please add those to your order.

If you are unsure of your quantity at the time you are ordering your save the dates or invitations, this does not have to be purchased at the same time and can be added to your order later.

This pricing is for printing only, the price of envelopes is not included.

What happens after your order is placed:

After your purchase, you will need to email your address list to us (see instructions below). It is perfectly fine if you make this purchase before your guest list is complete but please hold off on emailing your guest list until it is finalized. After we have received your completed address list, we will email you envelope printing choices either in keeping with your save the date or invitation design or with the fonts and colors you specify. Envelopes WILL NOT BE PRINTED until we have received your approval via email of your addressing choice.

Address list instructions:

In order for us to complete envelope printing, your address list must be in an Excel file (Google Sheets is also acceptable).We are happy to send an example of a perfectly formatted guest address list to our clients!
Excel instructions:
  • Please consolidate all address to one file and one sheet (if you happen to have more than one)
  • Remove any columns or information that you do not want printed on your envelopes. If it is in your Excel file, it could end up on your envelopes.
  • Remove ANY and all formatting and formulas. Do not "hide" any data, columns, or rows - the only thing in the cells should be the exact information you want to appear on your envelopes.
  • Anything that would be written on a separate line on an envelope should be in a separate column in Excel (names, street address, and city/state/zip cannot be in the same column since they appear on separate lines of an envelope). City, state, and zip code can be in the same column or separate columns. If you would like the zip code printed on the last line by itself, it must be in a column by itself (not included with city and state).

Required Excel Columns:
  • Name Line One
  • Name Line Two -Please use this column to break up lengthy Name Line One names (for example "Ms. Elizabeth Rachel Jones and Mr. James Michael Smith") or the whole address will end up printing very small. This is also the line where children's names or the words "and Guest" should appear if not using inner envelopes.
  • Address Line One
  • Address Line Two -Please use this column for apartment or unit #s
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • OR City, State Zip Code -Please note that the zip code cannot beprinted on its own line if you include it with the city and state
  • If you are having inner and outer envelopes printed you will also name to have the columns "Inner Name Line One" and "Inner Name Line Two" on your Excel document.

Address List Formatting and Proofing

CAREFULLY review addresses for errors - we are not responsible for proofing and DO NOT proof as we print. If your guest is receiving a guest, make sure the words "and Guest" are included. If you are listing a guest name, make sure the word "and" is in front of the guest's name. If you would like states or other abbreviated words like "Road" or "Street" spelled out, please make sure they are. You can quickly change all the abbreviations on your list like "Rd" to "Road" by using the "Find and Replace" function in Excel. If you would like your addresses printed in a script or handwritten style font, we strongly recommend spelling out all state abbreviations as more than one capital letter in a row in those type of fonts are not always legible or may just look odd. From an etiquette perspective, traditionally nothing is abbreviated on an envelope for wedding invitations but we do not personally care and will not judge how you choose to address your envelopes!

Any addresses added after you have submitted your guest list will be an additional $10 set-up fee on top of the price of each envelope and printing on each envelope. If your original order has already been shipped, additional shipping will be charged. We understand narrowing down your guest list and getting people to actually give you addresses is one of the most frustrating parts of wedding planning. With this in mind, please refrain from submitting your guest list for printing until it is as finalized as it is going to get. There is less chance of mistakes being made if there's not multiple files floating around, which is one less headache for you!

Please check your guest list against your printed envelopes immediately after receiving them, we will only fix mistakes made on our end if we are notified within 48 hours of delivery receipt. If a mistake is made on our end, we will either reprint and send the correct version to you as quickly as possible OR refund you the price of of that envelope and envelope printing (if we or supplies are not available to immediately reprint). We do not refund or replace envelopes never received by guests or never returned to you as we are not responsible for envelopes lost by the postal system.

Please read our Terms and Conditions before placing an order.