Currently CLOSED for printed orders but our digital shop is open. See details.

Currently CLOSED for printed orders but our digital shop is open. See details.

The Newport Bridge Digital File

Additional Details:

This product is to purchase licensing (rights to use) the Claiborne Pell Bridge aka the Newport Bridge sketch digital file. With this licensing, you can create and print your own Newport Bridge wedding invitation or save the date and/or use it on other materials throughout the wedding such as a wedding program or map.

With your Licensed Artwork purchase, you will receive the file type you choose in the dropdown menu.*Please note that this file includes ONLY the sketch (the Licensed Artwork), no additional design work.

How can you use the file?

Allowed Use  Strictly Prohibited Use

-Save the Dates (physical)
-Wedding Invitations (physical)
-Wedding Programs (physical)
-Wedding maps (physical)

-Art prints
-Digital files
-Print on Demand Applications
-Sharing, reselling, or sub-licensing


Choose your file type:

PDF file in black and white
This file is suitable for pretty much any printing need but you likely will not be able to change the color yourself unless you have specific graphic design programs (like Illustrator). You can use the custom file type to order a PDF in whatever color you would like (not that custom colors are not instant download). This file type can be placed but will not be editable in Word. 

PNG file in black and white
This file has a transparent background and would be fully suitable for anything being used digitally/online but is not the best choice for printing. You cannot change the color of this file but you can order a custom color PNG file using the Custom File Type dropdown option (note that custom colors are not instant download).

EPS/Vector file in black and white 
You will need to be an experienced user of Illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop to place and use the file for your needs. This file type is geared to professional designers. To change the color, you will need to be able to open it in Illustrator or other vector editing software. This file type can be placed but will not be editable in Word. 

Other file types
If you are unsure about what kind of file you need, please reach out before purchasing about how to choose the correct file type and color value for your needs.

There is a $10 charge plus the original price difference (if there is one) for each new color and/or new file requested after the initial order is placed. If you need multiple colors and/or file types, each version beyond the first purchased version is $10 plus the original price difference (if there is one).  

Save the Date or Wedding Invitation Digital File

If you need a digital file of a whole save the date or wedding invitation incorporating this venue sketch, contact us to place an order.

File Delivery

If you selected a file download that is an "instant download", it will be delivered within minutes to the email address used at checkout (via SendOwl). 

If you chose a custom file type and color, the files will not immediately download because that is a custom order. Please allow 48 hours *BUSINESS DAYS ONLY* for us to create your files. They will be emailed to the email address used during checkout. 


The following summary of our full  License Agreement  uses and restrictions are similar to most major artwork licensing websites. We have chosen to add more specific examples and guidance than typically provided based on what we believe will be the most common uses for our Licensed Artwork. We have specifically included rights to use the Licensed Artwork on save the dates, wedding invitations, and other event invitations so long as the rest of the design is not a duplication of a design in the Scotti Cline Designs portfolio.

Permitted use:

Licensing artworks grants you a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use our Licensed Artwork in the following manner:

  • Up to 5,000 physical end-use products/units (see End-use Criteria) such as physically printed - Advertising, marketing, promotional materials, wedding invitations, or save the dates
  • Limited use in photos of the Licensee's own creative work that featuring the Licensed Artwork on social media, websites, or blogs without requiring credit

Strictly prohibited use:

  • Resale, sub-license, or sharing
  • Use in digital files or templates
  • Art prints or other products that don’t meet End-use Criteria

End-use Criteria:

When creating an end-use product, the final work must contain additional design or artistic elements from the original artwork and not sold largely as is. Your end-use product must meet all three criteria:

  1. be significantly different than the original Licensed Artwork
  2. require time, effort, and skill to produce and 
  3. not derive its primary value from the Licensed Artwork itself

Meaning, using the Licensed Artwork as part of a wedding suite (save the date or invitation), would be a perfectly acceptable end use. Selling the Licensed Artwork as an art print, ornament, sign, coffee mug, or any other product adding only minimal text does not meet the requirements of a permitted use. Please respect our art and do not sell it as-is.  The license requires that you incorporate your own design and art. End-use products with the ONLY design element being artwork should only be sold by the creator and copyright holder so you should create your own artwork rather than purchasing this Licensed Artwork if that is your desired end-use. 

Please read the full details for restricted uses below. You are responsible for using the Licensed Artwork within the licensing details explained below and in accordance with the Licensed Artwork Terms and Conditions on this page.

Personal vs Commercial use:

There is no distinction for commercial or personal use with this Licensed Artwork. Using the artwork for non-commercial work does not exclude you from the Licensed Artwork Terms. 


There is no distinction between the original Licensed Artwork (original downloaded file) and modifications of the Licensed Artwork (included but not limited to changing the color, sizing, and/or adding/removing elements). Modifying the Licensed Artwork does not exclude you from the Licensed Artwork Terms. 

Sharing the file:

Resale or sub-licensing of the Licensed Artwork is strictly prohibited.The Licensed Artwork in any form cannot be shared, gifted, resold, sub-licensed, transferred or otherwise assigned to anyone else. For example, if you purchase a license for a venue sketch and design a wedding invitation with it for a client, the venue sketch file (including any modifications made to the original Licensed Artwork) cannot be sent to the client for them to use for ANY purpose, regardless of if they plan to use it personally or commercially. The client would need to purchase their own license from Scotti Cline Designs.

Digital file resale:

Resale or sub-license of the License Artwork (or any modification of it) in a manner that is directly competitive with the original Licensed Artwork is strictly prohibited - for example, as a digital file, as part of a digital wedding invitation suite, or as a template for a wedding invitation suite.

Sharing, storing, publishing:

The Licensed Artwork in vector, individual, or high resolution form cannot be shared with anyone other than commercial production partners for the purposes of printing or production. For the purposes of client proofing, the Licensed Artwork should be placed as a non-editable image and sent as a locked file. 

The Licensed Artwork cannot be shared, stored, or published in any manner that would allow for anyone other than the Licensee to extract or rip the artwork in its digital form. While flattening, saving proofs as JPEGs, and locking files so artwork cannot be copied or extracted does not exclude you from this, it is recommended to help protect the artwork from theft. If you wish to use the artwork on a website, the Licensed Artwork MUST be resized to a low resolution file (perfectly acceptable for web use) so it cannot be saved and used by someone else. 

File customization:

The Licensed Artwork cannot be customized by anyone other than the Licensee, which means it cannot be sold or sent in any manner individually, sub-licensed, used as part of a template for sale, used in a template program (including but not limited to programs like Canva and Templett), or used in any other "print on demand" or "download on demand" applications. 

Commercial Logos:

To use as part of a commercial logo, please contact us for an extended commercial use license.

Any other use:

Any other use that is not expressly permitted in the License Agreement is strictly prohibited.